Stanley Jackson mirror picStanley Jackson was born in Epsom and spent his early years in a council prefab. He joined the middle classes in 1966 when he married Iris and acquired the first in a series of unaffordable mortgages. Having lived in sixteen different locations, including Hong Kong, produced three children and two grandchildren, they find themselves back in Surrey.

Along the way, Stanley has enjoyed two successful careers; the first as a leading authority on the use, and abuse, of occupational pension schemes; the second as a highly respected supplier of celebrities to the corporate market, through the company he founded, Performing Artistes. He is still paying off his latest mortgage but hopes this book of revelations might just help.

Now poacher turned gamekeeper, celebrity booker Stanley has also joined the speaking circuit himself as a performer and after-dinner speaker. His highly entertaining presentation doesn't pull any punches about the highs and lows of his career in the world of sport and celebrity, and the tricky situations he has sometimes found himself in.